is run by Maged Joseph. He is a 2016 graduate of the Tennessee Tech University, with degrees in Mathematics. After graduation, Joseph served as Mathematics Instructor at Austin Peay University and Nashville State Community College and now he is working as a Mathematics professor at Middle Tennessee State University, before deciding to branch out and open his own center. Joseph is excited to bring The Tutoring Center’s unique system to the students in Tennessee.

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The Best Tutors and Instructors, Always!

Our tutors are all highly qualified professionals who take pride and pleasure in the teaching process.  They are carefully selected from a pool of active and retired teachers, college professors, professionals, and undergraduate or graduate students from accredited universities.

The programs we offer, for all academic disciplines, are individualized to meet each student’s own learning needs and goals.

Our success is based on the simple philosophy that the best results are achieved through an interactive learning process making the student’s educational experience more interesting and enjoyable

What’s in it for Parents?: Prof. Joseph always keeps parents informed of their child’s performance and progress by sending detailed feedback and also organizing “Parent/Student Success Nights”. The idea is to encourage parents to take more interest in their child’s development, thus making sure the child receives encouragement and motivation from the family too.

What’s in a high score?: The instructors constantly keep their students motivated in class and in private 1:1 sessions. Our mantra is to never let a student feel bored or uninterested in improving his/her score. We constantly bring up examples of what a high score in the SAT or the ACT really means in the long run, how it can enable a student to get into better schools etc. We always push our students to realize their true potential.

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